We are happy you enjoy using our component and keep on sharing your continuous feedback, thanks to which we have been able to make JRoomBooking even better!

Changes in version 1.1.0

  • Text field for room price in room detail has been added
  • 'Cancel filtering' button has been fixed
  • Optional user notification upon creating a new reservation has been added (this option is off by default, you can toggle it in settings)
  • An occupied room is now availabe for a new booking on the check-out date (you can toggle this option in settings)
  • Hardcoded link in notification email logo has been fixed
  • In case JRB does not work properly with your template, you can now force default component CSS styles
  • Reservation list sorting issue has been fixed
  • Error message 'The room is already occupied within these dates' has now got a coresponding background color
  • Spanish support has been added